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GRE using Loopbacks with EIGRP

In the EIGRP and OSPF sim section I created a GRE tunnel simulation that used the links between the routers instead of the loopbacks.   For completeness I build this one using the loopbacks as the tunnel endpoints.  

This simulation has IPv4 and IPv6 tunnels.  Flat-1 connects to the real world for TFTP.  the link between iosv-1 and iosv-2 is not in EIGRP.   I have only static routes for the loopbacks on either end.  I changed up  the loopback addresses to /128 from my usual /64.  Tunnel 0 is IPv4 and Tunnel 1 is IPv6.   Tunnel endpoints are the loopback interfaces. 





Tunnel 0

Tunnel 1