SCSIraidGURU’s World


In this simulation. I have virtual link setup on the right in area 34. I added iosv-4 and iosv-5 to it to play with AREA X STUB and show why you need to set a gateway of last resort for the stub to communicate with the rest of the areas. I have Area 0 in the middle. Area 34 is my virtual link area to the right. On the top, Area 5 can be used for stub. On the bottom, area 1 can be used for stub. I put area 1 and 5 both on so you can set one to stub and go to the other to compare.

In the next section. I set AREA 1 STUB in iosv-4. I show SH IP ROUTE without and with IP ROUTE, the gateway out of the stub. I do ping tests and traceroutes. I am trying something new in the text file. I added comments between each section to explain what I am doing. I hope it helps.