I set up two BGP zones called AS 1000 and AS 2000. On AS 1000, I have EIGRP. On AS 2000, I have OSPF. In the middle two BGP routers.

The diagram has the IP subnets listed for each connection along with the Loopback0 addresses.

I am working on BGP Route Reflection and Redistibution of OPSF and EIGRP routes. The first set of Sh Run and routing information is before I add in the route reflection clients and redistribution commands. As you see I also have a peer-group configured under router bgp 1000 and 2000 My goal is to be able to ping every loopback address from every router.

You can open the SH IP Route before. You see the two BGP routers iosv-1 and iosv-2. You can see its outside neighbor which is iosv-3 and iosv-4. You can see the last two routers on either side at this point.

Which you open SH IP BGP, you can see that routers are learned from neighbors and you see RIB-Failures.

OK. At this point I am finished with my simulation. I added in the route reflection clients on the outer routers. I added in the redistribution commands for OSPF and EIGRP. I show the new SH IP Route, SH IP BGP and that every loopback can now ping. I also did a traceroute from iosv-8 to and between iosv-5 and iosv-6.