This simulation is EIGRP Named.  I have IPv4 and IPv6 configured for EIGRP using Address family.  I have MD5 and SHA 256 setup for iosv2 and iosv4.    I can ping out to the real world and TFTP IPv6 redirects. 


In this diagram we have two VRF groups HR and ACCT.    I used VRF to isolate HR department traffic from ACCT department traffic.  

I setup loopbacks on each router that are in HR or ACCT.  All routers can ping out to the real world. is my 60E. is my workstation for TFTP.  I use redirects to build these pages.   I used ip tftp source-interface g0/x to allow the TFTP traffic out.  

EIGRP doesn’t allow default-information originate always.  I setup ip route vrf routing commands for as one test to get to the 60E and my workstation.  A setup a second ip route vrf HR and ACCT with and another set with to get out.   Either would work but for completeness, I did both.

Route Summary with EIGRP using IPv4 and IPv6 (CCNP)

I have not done 172.16 and 10.x route summary yet for IPv4.  I also have fd00:172.16 and fd00:10 route summary entries.  Both under Router Eigrp RouteSim.