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Cisco VIRL: OSPF only simulations menu


It has 5 departments.  Only IPv4 for VRF.  IP TFTP is setup.  I can redirect to my Ubuntu TFTP box.  Accounting has a different address scheme than the rest.   I have the IP Route VRF statements configured along with default routing statements. 

VRF with OSPF and NAT (CCNP)

I took my new favorite simulation and created VRF with NAT.  The two areas in the boxes Development and Research have subnets that are identical.   I am using NAT so they don’t cross over to the other area.   One Development I am using Dynamic NAT with a NAT range of to 31.  On Research I did Overload only using for NAT. 

OSPF Virtual Link Part 2 (CCNP)

Added Area 2 under Area 1 with virtual links along with right side routers for the 4 stub areas

OSPF Virtual Link Part 3 (CCNP)

The right side routers have the four stub types configured.