SCSIraidGURU’s World

About Me?

Well, here I am with my wife.   We had this picture taken on a cruise.  If you are wondering.  I am 6′ 3″ 215 lbs.   I am not your typical nerd or geek.   You can read about what I do on my resume page.   I have a lot of content and pages covering everything. 

We have two adorable children so my time and budget for everything that goes on this site has been cut.    I still get users contacting me from forums I was on 10+ years ago.   People still find my posts on the internet. 

I created this page to help others who email me about gaming rigs, technology, and everything else on all these pages.

I started doing this stuff in 1982.   This web site meanders through most of my life.   It deals with all the stuff I built and stuff I have done.  


Why am I called SCSIraidGURU

I was gaming with Team ATI many years ago. One of our team members ATI Guy worked for ATI. He was a lead engineer. He gave me the AKA “SCSIraidURU”, when he saw a picture of my rig with 18 SCSI drives in two chassis. I would also spend much of my time helping members build better rigs for gaming.

All three monster rigs

The white 5 bay chassis held 18 hard drives across two chassis.  You can see pictures of it in My High End Rig page.

I passed my first CCNA about 20 years ago.  I built a Cisco Virtual Lab to work on my CCNP.  I took the Novell TCP/IP exams as part of my CNE cert in 1996. If you want to know my Cisco knowledge please visit

My Cisco Virtual Lab and VMWare Server

Cisco Virtual Lab Simulations

 You can see the Cisco Virtual Lab hardware page: My Cisco Virtual Lab to see how serious I am about learning Cisco. I have been working with the Cisco VIRL engineers on making the product better.

I tutored Math for years. K-12 to Calculus. Every math course. Students told me they can’t learn math. I said it is rules based like video games, playing sports, and doing Cisco. You learn the rules to play them. So you can learn the rules to do Math or Cisco. Don’t look at the size of the books. Look at them one page at a time.