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My Cisco Virtual Lab and VMWare Server

I decided to build a Cisco Virtual Lab to get my CCNP and CCDP: Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Design Professional certs. The Fortinet 60E is the white box on top with two antennae. The HP DL360e Gen8 is the 1U box on second shelf. Yes, I did spend $180 on the shelving unit for it.

June 2019:  Simon from the Cisco Virtual Lab team contacted me about beta testing 2.0.   He understands my frustration about the limitation of VIRL.

11.10.2018 due to the 20 node simulation model.  Cisco Virtual Lab has been increased to 16 vCPUs.  Loading time for the simulation has improved.  It will spike to 103% vCPU before final loading.

These are the specs with both EIGRP and OSPF running on the simulation. 

I setup IPv6 on several interfaces along with policies.   I created a TFTP server on one of the Linux boxes.   The ranges below are for my Cisco Virtual Lab configuration.    The virtual lab is only 20 devices maximum.  With sub interfaces, I can expand the usage. /8 is now FD00:10:0:0:x/64 – FD00:10.x:y::z/64 / is now FD00:192:168:32::x/64 to FD00:192:168:63::y/64 / is now FD00:192:168:64::x/64 to FD00:192:168:127::y/64 / is now FD00:172:16:16:0::x/64 to FD00:172:16:31:0::y/64 / is now FD00:172:16:32::x/64 to FD00:172:16:63::y/64 / is now FD00:172:16:64::x/64 to FD00:172:16:127::y/64

172.20.x.x for Loopbacks
172.21.x.x for OSPF Router-ID
172.22.x.x for EIGRP Router-ID
172.23.x.x for BGP Router-ID